As employers become increasingly exposed to various risks, threats and business disruption, be it staff working from home, the workplace, or whilst on official travels, Fullerton Health’s MedSecure solution safeguards employees and supports employer risk mitigation.

Our Solution

|24/7 Emergency medical & security assistance Contact Centre: staffed by professionals, all at the click of a button with location-based identification worldwide
|24/7 Global monitoring and reporting on risks and threats: with real time push alerts and advice accessed via portal or mobile application
|Up-to-date Country medical and security Information: on > 200 countries and regions
|Emergency Assistance & Evacuation Services: Emergency response resources deployed for medical or security safety evacuations (e.g. air ambulance, security personnel, etc.)
|Medical and security consulting advisory services: Experienced consultants assisting in crisis management and coordination in response to an incident

Prepare, Assess, Respond & Recover

| World leading technology
| Portal dashboard provides an overview of mobile app users locations, risk zones, incident report   and charts
| Management can send custom communications via portal to individuals,  designated groups/facilities via email and or SMS
| Employees have the option to deactivate tracking for privacy
| Security and data privacy compliant

Services delivered by Global Assistance & Healthcare and
Hill & Associates who have more than 50 years combined experience

MedSecure offers employers a competitive advantage including:

|The ability to proactively plan and respond to an emerging situation
|Minimizing downtime and losses due to incidents
|Supporting continued operation and business resilience
|Demonstrating commitment to duty of care
|Building employee trust and loyalty
|Enhancing employer of choice reputation and brand image

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