We believe that our employees are valuable assets and every person in our company is a key player in helping the company to reach the pinnacle of success.

We are looking for professionals who are motivated, dynamic, responsible and willing to come forward and join our great team!

Available Job Vacancy

Onsite Doctor
The job description would be to ensure the permanent availability of medical care on site. The incumbent should escort sick and injured person to nearby hospital and conduct research as well as provide relevant health promotion program.

General Practitioner
The incumbent will provide comprehensive medical services. He/She should conduct various tests, analyses, diagnostic and medical examination as well as MCU and reporting.

OH Doctor (MKK/SpOk)
The incumbent should conduct health surveillance plan, address environmental and worksite concerns as well as treat ill or injured workers.

Onsite Paramedic.
The incumbent job description is to ensure the permanent availability of first aid on site, assessing patients and providing emergency treatment. He/She also must provide routine first aid training and taking care of all medical equipment and inventory at the site clinic.
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