Healthy Way to Snack

Usually around 10 am or 3 pm every day, your desire to snack kicks in and you just want to reach out and enjoy the nearest snack available. But should you give in to this desire? Should you snack? Or not?

Snacking or enjoying a light meal between your regular meals can actually be the perfect way to help you fulfill your daily nutritional requirements. Snacking can be a part of your healthy lifestyle, as long as the snack you’re enjoying are healthu snacks. So, what should you do to turn your snacking habit into a healthy habit?

  1. Choose healthy snacks

Avoid ready to eat snacks that are usually high in calories and sugar, and usually contains preservatives. You should also avoid products that claim to be healthy snacks, because the ‘preservatives free‘ or the ‘low sugar‘ label that you find in certain healthy snacks products can’t be a guarantee that the product is healthy for you. Fresh fruit or other healthy meal rich in vitamin and minerals can be the perfect choice of healthy snacks.

  1. Watch your portion

You still need to limit the intake of your snack, even if it’s a healthy snack. If you eat too much snacks, you might lose your appetite during your regular meal. As the result, you’ll get less nutrition intake from your healthy meal.

  1. Don’t snack if you’re not hungry

Snacking can be a terrible habit if it’s done when you’re not hungry. If you snack when you’re not hungry, you’ll overeat. And overeating will never be healthy for you.

  1. Make your own snack

Making your snack is one way to turn the snack you desired into a healthier snack. For instance, you’ve been craving some French Fries. You can make a healthier version of French Fries while cutting some potatoes and baked them in the oven. This will make a healthier French Fries, compared to French Fries that are deep fried in vegetable oil.

  1. Drink a lot of water

Do you know that dehidration can cause your body to misinterpret your thirstiness as hunger? Therefore, make sure you drink enough water everyday to avoid cravings and unnecessary snacking.

So, what kind of snacks are good for you? Other than fruits and vegetables, whole grain can also be a great choice for a healthy snack. Homemade granola, whole grain toast with low sugar fruit jam, or whole grain cereal can be a healthy snack for you. You can also enjoy salt free nuts, such as almond, cashews, etc. So, what healthy snack will you be enjoying today?

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