Fullerton Health stands in solidarity with Indonesians in the fight against COVID-19 and Tuberculosis

Fullerton Health Indonesia (“FHI”) is at the frontline of delivering medical services to our clients, their employees and our patients.  We are active in the fight against Tuberculosis (“TB”) and in this time, we stand in solidarity and with resilience for another infectious disease: COVID-19.

At FHI, we understand the anxiety, isolation and challenges people face in epidemics, especially from the lessons we learned in fighting TB.  In the fight against COVID-19, we are ensuring our employees have personal protection, and for our patients, we are screening symptoms before they come into Fullerton clinics, as well as practicing social distancing within our clinics.  For our healthcare staff manning our on-site clinics, we are screening our staff before they go on-site.  Our committed colleagues in charge of the assistance business, and of our TPA services are, for most of them, already Working From Home.

To commemorate World TB Day and as part of Fullerton Health Corporation’s “Ending Workplace TB”1 initiative launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2020, FHI started a TB-screening program from 9 March 2020 for all employees based in Jakarta.  This included questionnaire interviews, chest radiographs and microbiological examinations.  All our medical staff based in client locations outside Jakarta are screened annually, including TB screening.

By starting with protecting our own employees against TB, we hope that more organisations will join us in the fight against TB.  This will help strengthen our healthcare eco-systems and hence the fight against such epidemics, including COVID-19.

#EndTB  #ItsTimeToEndTB #COVID19 #TogetherAtHome #FightCOVID19


(Note (1) In January 2020, Fullerton launched the “Ending Workplace TB” initiatve at the World Economic Forum in Davos, together with World Economic Forum, StopTB Partnerships, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Johnson & Johnson and Philips.

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