Ambulance Transfer for COVID-19 Patients

In order to assist with immediate treatment, now using public ambulance for Covid-19 patients can be done easily. Patients who are positive for Covid-19 only need to report to the nearest public health center (Puskesmas).

But what if the ambulance fleet is in a queue, or the Puskesmas service is closed?

Global Assistance & Healthcare, one of Fullerton Health Group subsidiaries in Indonesia provides a solution to help patients who are positive for COVID-19 who need a transfer vehicle to the hospital from where they live.

Patients (or their families) can order an ambulance unit to take the patient from home or one health facility to the referral hospital. This reservation is simply made by contacting the 24-hour Alarm Center located at Fullerton Health’s head office in Jakarta. The ambulance unit is equipped with trained medical personnel, adequate equipment, and supporting medicines during the transfer. Currently, the ambulances serve patient transfers to referral hospitals in Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar.

Fullerton Health Group in Indonesia continues to innovate and improve services to help the government fight the spread of COVID-19.

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