Tirta Medical in Makassar

Tirta Medical Center Provides Free Health Treatment in Makassar

Tirta Medical Center continues to expand their network in Indonesia in order to provide wider health
service coverage. The clinic has been established in 11 cities, including Jakarta, Tangerang, Surabaya,
and several cities in Kalimantan. And recently, Tirta Medical Center opened its clinic in Makassar.

The opening of Tirta Medical Center in Makassar was celebrated by several social service actions, such
as health check-up, hypertension treatment and blood donation. There were also seminar and
talkshow with a speaker of Dr. OZ Indonesia, Dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro. This social service was held at
Pakui Sayang Park, Makassar, and targeted around 1000 participants.

Several health services provided by Tirta Medical Center are medical check-up, in-house clinic, dialysis
clinic, and outpatient clinic with general practitioners, dentists, medical specialists, lab, X-Ray, and
pharmacy. With the development and increase of the need of health services for the community,
hopefully Tirta Medical Center will be able to provide more comprehensive health services that covers
broader region.

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