SARS-CoV-19 or that are known to COVID-19 has become a pandemic during exceeds than 1 year, millions of times to move the host and undergo mutation into a variant of the new. How mutations in the virus are affecting the conditions we currently have?


Mutations of COVID-19 in Indonesia


What is a mutation? -Virus has the power of mutation that is the power to change the nature of the antigen. Mutations of this can make the virus becomes more easily transmitted or change the properties of the other.

Mutations that occur in the COVID-19 virus can increase the transmission capacity of the virus so that it can accelerate and facilitate transmission.


Indonesian and Global Conditions


Until April 26, 2021, at least 1,647,138 Indonesians have been infected with the COVID-19 virus with the addition of daily cases recorded up to 5,944 cases. The increasing number of cases that are ongoing in Indonesia has mostly occurred in office clusters. Based on the data the Government of the Province of Jakarta, at the date of 12-18 April 2021 there were 42 cases of positive were found in 177 offices.

India is one of the countries in Asia are experiencing a crisis COVID 19th-highest which allegedly occurred on the appearance of mutation variants of the virus just that infects most major cases of positive moment of this. Besides that , one of the rituals of religious who remain held also became one of the sources of the spread due to involve millions of people during the period of time specified.


Be Aware of the Re-infection Post-Vaccination 


Data shows that around 0.7-0.8% of people who have received a complete dose of the COVID-19 vaccine can still be infected with COVID-19 (CDC).

The risks of infection after vaccination COVID-19 very probably occur because:

  • Infected COVID-19 a few days before the vaccine (period of incubation).
  • Vaccine protection is not 100%, varies for each vaccine.
  • Vaccines can not form immunity against all strains.
  • Viral mutation. The vaccine has not been proven to protect against the new variant.
  • Immunity that is formed after the vaccine for each person is different.Vaccines and COVID-19 Mutations  

    The vaccine that has been approved by the WHO is expected to still be able to provide partial protection from viruses COVID-19. With the possibility of going to the decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine because of a mutation of the virus, a modified component of the vaccine may be done. Until the end of April 2021, WHO and the research world is still doing research much more about how much mutation of the virus is affecting the effectiveness of the vaccine. A study in England showed the vaccine remains effective on the variant virus B.1.1.7 without the mutation E484K, but the studies were conducted by Novavax and J & J showed a decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine in Africa South than in the UK or the US , which is allegedly due to the high type of infection virus which carries the E484K mutation.



    What to do? 


    With the emergence of viral mutations, we must be more obedient and disciplined in implementing health protocols. One way is to use a double mask.

    In a study that is conducted by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), medical masks can withstand 42% of particles and mask fabric 3 layers can withstand 44% of the particles. However, the combination of the two can provide protection up to 92% (resembling the effectiveness of the use of N95 masks). In addition to using double masks, always pay attention to loopholes that exist in the periphery mask. Cracks can be reduced by turning the rope hooks and also bend the wire of iron in parts of the nasal (nose wire) as close as possible.

    (From various sources.)

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