The condition of a pandemic can bring strong pressure for some people to trigger stress levels. Fear and anxiety about this situation can have a big emotional impact on both adults and children. Making peace with stress can help us and the community become stronger.



Everyone’s reaction to this situation can be different. Some groups of people who tend to have higher stress levels are the elderly and people with chronic diseases who are at higher risk of COVID-19, children and adolescents, health workers in the vanguard, people with mental disorders before. If we live with this group of people, let’s help them deal with this condition more calmly. Of course, to always guard our thoughts and feelings.



Staying alert and following the situation are indeed necessary, but we need to set the frequency and choose a news source. Simply search for information 1-2 times a day. Avoid searching for pandemic news all day, especially from untrusted news sources.


If you are working from home, try to do the following :

FOOD – “You are what you eat”. Try to eat healthy foods.

SPORTS – Take time to exercise at home to be calmer.

SLEEP – Adequate sleep can help reduce stress levels.

CIGARETTE – Quitting smoking provides many benefits especially in this situation.


(Article by the Wellness team – Fullerton Health Indonesia)

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